The Advanced Research and Innovation Center (ARIC) at Khalifa University was established in 2012 as a joint effort between Mubadala and Khalifa University. ARIC undertakes cutting-edge research in advanced materials, applied digital technologies, applied technologies for healthcare, and applied technologies for sustainability.

The Center aligns itself with the strategic plan of Strata Manufacturing PJSC and Sanad Aerotech. The Center also acts as a global research hub—collaborating with leading universities worldwide, developing research opportunities over a broad spectrum of areas, and assisting technology transfer and innovation possibilities across various industries.

ARIC houses a wide range of facilities, including advanced manufacturing equipment for the cost-effective production of components, testing and characterization facilities for evaluating the properties of materials under extreme loading conditions, and advanced modeling capabilities for predicting the behavior of larger structures in operational conditions.

In addition, the Center plays a key role in educating future engineers in current and next-generation advanced technologies. ARIC encourages undergraduate and postgraduates to get involved with ongoing research through Projects, Internships, and Independent Study.